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Welcome to King Home Office Christian Resource Site.  Home of the King and The Gospel of Jesus Christ

from Claire Koch and Estelle Cobblah

This is the sister site to https://www.clairekoch.co.place, better known as Claire-Estelle where we are post generic information and resources you can use.  This is a similar site to Claire-Estelle in that we will also be posting resources here but these resources will be related to the gospel and the church, as well as the Bible.  If you are a pastor or sunday school teacher or just a christian stay at home mom doing homeschool you will find these resources interesting and helpful

We are just beginning but as it is with our other site we will be adding resources here on this page initially and later initiating a site map so you can easily find things. Also we have high hopes of making this a HUGE resource, God willing, but only time will tell.

Please bookmark us http://www.kinghomeoffice.com.